Prof. Olivier Nicolay

DCD, Universite Rene Descartes 1979
Certificate, Orthodontics, Harvard School of Dental Medicine 1984
Masters, Medical Sciences, Harvard School of Dental Medicine 1984
DDS, Columbia 1991.

After graduation, Dr. Nicolay joined the Ohio State University where he taught postgraduate students and was involved in research. In 1989, he assumed the position of Program Director at Columbia University, pursuing his interests in research and teaching orthodontics. He has been member of the NYU College of Dentistry since 2002.

Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics
Member of Angle East, component of the Angle Society of Orthodontists
American Association of Orthodontists
American Dental Association

Dr. Nicolas Freda

Is a board certified orthodontist and co-owner of Marigold Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.

His wife is a pediatric dentist and their practice has a special focus on early intervention. Dr Nick began using the Leaf Expander in 2015 and has been exclusively using the leaf and leaf self-expander for all his expansion needs.

Dr. Maria Elena Grecolini

Graduated as a dentist from the University of Bari (Italy). Subsequently, she obtained a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Education in Orthodontics from Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University (Rome, Italy).

She is the owner of Studio Dentistico Grecolini, and for over fifteen years, she has been exclusively involved in orthodontics, practicing as a freelancer in the province of Lecce and at the Military Sovereign Order of Malta in Rome.She is an Adjunct Professor ad Honorem at PgO-UCAM University, Tirana, Albania, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cagliari, Department of Orthodontics. A speaker at numerous national and international conferences and the author of numerous scientific articles, she has been using the Leaf Expander in her daily professional practice for several years.

Dr. Giuseppe Perinetti

Graduated as a dentist at the University of Chieti (Italy).
Subsequently, he got a PhD in Life Science awarded by the Open University (UK) and a MS Degree in Orthodontics at the University of Trieste (Italy).
Dr. Perinetti has been awarded the ‘National Prize’ by the Italian Society of Orthodontics and the ‘Orthodontic Award’ by the Croatian Society of Orthodontics. He is Editorial Board Member of The Angle Orthodontist and has published over 120 scientific papers in major international dental and biological journals.
At present, Dr. Perinetti is in private practice in Pordenone (Italy).